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Captain's Log: Week 1, Day 2


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I have never been a fit person. As a student, I was bullied daily for 8 years due to my being overweight. I managed to lose close to 40 lbs my senior year; however, it was for all of the wrong reasons. I wanted to prove my self-worth to others, I was trying to woo a boy I had tried to date for three years and I had a deep sense of self-loathing after internalizing all of that ridicule for so long.


Fast-forward 10 years, and I have failed my attempts at university despite straight A's up to that point, I have no work, had to move 3 states away from the only place that ever felt like home, had my fiancé move back there a year ago without me, lost a dear friend and my grandmother in the span of a couple of months, wound up in a mental hospital from a breakdown, have no means of getting anywhere around town due to not having a car/bike and have no friends in this state aside from my parents. In other words, keeping the bare minimum of sanity here lately has not been an easy task, much less keeping my weight or health in check.


I'm finally at the breaking point, and have decided to start this program and journey. I'm tired of things happening to me or starting and stopping things due to a lack of confidence or energy. I want to make something happen for once in quite a few years. My goal is to get back to some semblance of health, and do it strictly for myself for a change.


Starting Stats:

Weight: 140.5

Neck: 13

Arms: 11.5

Bust: 38

Waist: 33.5 (34 at navel)

Hips: 37

Thigh: 19.5

Calf: 13.5

Fat %: 33% (Navy), 38% (YMCA), 31% (Full body calc)


I am going to use this topic as my personal progress and accountability journal. I will update my stats every two weeks and the status of my runs after each one. Sorry for the long post, but getting everything out without shame is a big step for me.


Week 1, Day 1 - Week 1, Day 2:

Both times, I decided to forgo the 100° weather in favor of a treadmill. I kept my walk speed at 3mph and run speed at 4mph during my first run with little difficulty. On the second run, I upped the run speed to 4.5. I had to turn the speed back down to 4 a little over half way through the run, but I managed to complete it without stopping. I am going to try this day again on Monday to see if I can do the full run at 4.5.

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Week 1, Day 2 Repeat:


I was sidelined a few days. I managed to injure both legs trying to do too much too soon on my leg day last week and had to take two days off to recover. I have since organized a much more sane and safe routine to follow and decided to redo Week 1, Day 2 before pressing on with the routine. It was a challenge to get through, but everything felt great afterwards. I'm looking forward to the next run!

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First off, after all you've been through, getting back into a running is a great idea.  Running / exercise can improve mood, decrease stress, improve your body image over time - so many benefits!  So congrats for taking responsiblity and getting out there! 


As far as the pace, starting slow is perfectly fine.  Endurance has to come first.  I'm only running 5 mph so speed is not the main thing - it will cause you to burn out and stop. 


Keep it up!  Off to a great start!! 

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Thank you for the encouragement! It's a bit rough making all of these changes and doing all of this alone sometimes. I made the mistake of trying to up my pace today. My treadmill doesn't have a setting where you can program set speeds for walking and running and having to press the "+"/"-" buttons five times each time I have to change speeds is beyond distracting. I think I'll work through the 5k program on a low speed to up my endurance and go back through it on a higher speed later.


Week 1, Day 3:

This was by far the hardest workout I've done since starting. I found myself extremely overheated half-way through my run after increasing my speed. Also, my mind just wasn't in it or the ab/stretch routines that followed. I'm sure this happens to everyone once in a while, and I know tomorrow's weight routine as well as the run the day after will be better.

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