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Got to week 7 but am going back to week 5


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Sooo I am Canadian and read kilometres whenever I see distance. Silly me. I neither am able to switch the c25k main screen to km during my run nor was I reading the directions carefully. I knew something was up when in week 7 it only had me doing 2.5. That's miles. Lessons learned:

1. I am really slow (meh, I'm running in minimalist shoes with osteoarthritis and the intention of being mindful of my body)

2. My route of approx 4km finishes with about 1.6 km of hill. Being that I just discovered my distance issue, this is the first time I encountered these hills and the first time I've attempted this length of run. Not the best combo for morale.

3. I am perfectly happy to step back a few weeks of training and work on speeding up and prepping for those hills. When I do Mud Hero again next summer I'd like the initial ski hill up not to bust my butt:). Here's to learning something new!

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