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day 2 my thoughts

Guest tineeblusher

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Guest tineeblusher

OK so this is my second day using the app and so far I love it. I'm very overweight (needing to lose 8 stone to get into a normal range) and I wanted to incorporate cardio into my life as I was told it was the fastest way to lose weight. I'm not going to lie.... I am an impatient person sometimes. The bigger I get the more I want to lose it quick. I have a love hate relationship with food but when motivated I love exercising. Its weird. Anyway when I started the first day I thought there was no way I could possibly run for a minute straight... I was wrong. I love that I get to walk in between as it gives me a chance to catch my breath. Today was day two. It really was easier... My body hurts but not enough that I felt like I couldn't do it. I feel energized. I can't believe how therapeutic running is. So i'm glad I ddownload this app. I hope- no i know if i continue i will be able to run a marathon... I just gotta get the diet right .

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