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Fibromyalgia pain & Texas Heat

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Hi everyone. I've just done Week 1 Day 2 and I was already hurting pretty bad after Day 1. I'm hoping to push through the pain, but I'm not sure if my body can handle running. Walking seems to be ok.


My Fibrimyalgia is flaring up and we are having heatstroke alerts here in TX. Any advice how to do this workout without succumbing to the Texas heat?

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I live in Arizona so I can definitely relate to the heat problem. I am not a morning person, so I run at night in my neighborhood, which is luckily very safe. If you have to run in the heat, make sure you are very well-hydrated before you begin, and also that you have eaten. Bring water with you when you run as well, and pay close attention to how you're feeling: any dizziness, unusual shortness of breath, nausea, or sudden exhaustion should prompt you to immediately stop. 

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