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I don't want to die...


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Hey...so I'm not sure where to start. I'm a 31/female with a laundry list of health problems that started back in 2010.


It's been a long road of ups and downs. In the summer of 2010, I was at almost my ideal weight before sh*t hit the fan. I am now at the heaviest I have ever been in my life and I feel horrible inside and out.


I didn't even know where to start and saw this app as a reccomendation on a weight loss forum. I'm hoping I can regain my health back. Today was my first day and I thought 30 minutes would be too easy......I was so, so wrong.


I can't go to gym currently so this app and whatever I can do at home is all I got. I have no support either as I'm doing this alone.


My goals are to lose 60 lbs. Hopefully at least 20 by my birthday in October. Not sure how realistic that is though. Staying consistent and impulse control with suger and diet are my biggest challenges. (diet isn't terrible but due to health issues, makes me gain like crazy)


If you're still rreading this wall of text- congrats and thank you. I just want to feel outside how I do on the inside (young-ish) ;)

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You got this! You've come this far...you have the app - now you just have to get outside and move.


Take it slow - listen to your body...it will tell you what you can and can't handle. If you have to repeat weeks, it's totally fine (that's what is so great about this app - you move on when you're ready). There will be tough days and there will be great days...but as long as you keep moving, you can do it!

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