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plus size girl training for first 10k

Guest Amy

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Hi I was happy to complete week 1. Yesterday I did day 1 of week 2. Definitely need help with breathing. I'm a plus size girl and I'm 50. Going to try and slow my pace and breath through nose. Seems impossible. I'm not sure about the 170-180 metronome pace. Any other advice?

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Guest KandaceM86

Hi everyone!! I have to start off by saying you all are amazing! Taking the first step is always the hardest but you have to start somewhere. I am also a plus sized girl who is a tad bit backwards. I completed my first 5K on 12/9 without training (I know). I downloaded the app and haven't used it yet but will start using it shortly as I actually train to do more 5Ks next year starting in Feb. I'm glad that I'm not alone. We can do anything we put our minds to ladies! Good luck!!

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Hello, I started using the app last week and I totally enjoyed it. It's helping me a lot by giving the cues when to walk or run so I don't have to look at my watch. I'm on a journey for a healthier me and perhaps next year I'll do a couple of 5k's. Any guidance or input is appreciated.

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