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Guest Michelle

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Hi, I hope someone can help, I just came here to ask this! I have an Android phone (Motorola E), I've put some music on it, and created a playlist called 'running' but when I go to the C25K app and click on playlists, there's nothing there. The songs I've uploaded are listed under 'sounds' but so are random notification beeps and ringtones which won't make for inspiring running music!

Any suggestions as to how I can get C25K (the paid version) to find my playlist and not just play ringtones and beeps for me? Many thanks in advance

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Rosie I'm not 100% on the Motorola's because I have a Samsung Galaxy but with them both being Android I can't imagine a huge difference.  Your Android based phone should have a music player built in that will let you make a playlist.  If not, I suggest Google Play Music Player.  It's part of the Google Play App pack.  Google Play is kind of a shopping App, but the Google Music Player came with it for me and you may be able to download it as a standalone.  It's very user friendly and you can make numerous playlists.  I haven't tried to run the music player built into C25K myself but for me, I bring up Google Music and start my playlist and then I start C25K and they work really well together.  The music lowers a bit automatically when C25K prompts me to change between running and walking.  I really hope that this helps you because I know how important an awesome playlist is to motivating you to go those last few minutes!

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Guest StillNotBuff

After creating a playlist in Google Music remember to restart the C25K app. You should be able to see your playlist if you created one properly. To create a playlist go to a album/song. Tap the three dots on their right side and click add to playlist.

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