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finding week 4 challenging

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I have just got back from my week 4 day 2 run and I am really struggling with this week. I have been managing to complete the runs but am finding the 5 minute stints to be really difficult. I have looked forward to week 5 and I am not sure if I will manage it. I may have to repeat week 4.


It is a very hot morning so this may have contributed to my struggles.


Does it ever get easier?

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Guest TrishE

Hello! Congrats on all your progress so far :)

If you aren't comfortable moving on its ok. Week four and five are tough. As for it getting easier...thats a complicated question. In my opinion running is never easy but my body can handle it a lot better now that ive built up my endurance. So think of yourself getting stronger and being able to handle whatever the program throws at you. Positive mindset positive workout.

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I have had to repeat weeks or days, just remember what little you could do at the beginning compared with how far you have progressed. I am repeating week 6 due to an injury, but it's ok, I never thought I could run for 2 mins solid, so I know how much I have achieved so far. Well done on what you have achieved & just keep adding to it at your own pace.

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