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I have just done Wk4 day3 & it wasn't too difficult, I am so surprised, I was dreading it, but I have made a slight adjustment to my route, I keep going downhill until I finish the work out, I then walk back up the hill to the flatter part, where I can do some extra running if I feel able. This gains me a proper run for the 2nd half, instead of needing to walk up the hill. Now I get extra steps on the fitbit & I did a total of 5.2km, logged by mapmyrun in 40 mins I am really pleased. Good luck to you on your journey, perspiration is good!!

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Woah! Great job. I'm just starting W3 and I've never been a jogger let alone a runner. I thought I was gonna fail when I saw 3min run, but I did it! Funny how my most doubtful thoughts happen in the first half of my workout and my most proud feeling comes after my workout and lasts for days.

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