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not counting on myfitnesspal


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Please give it some time for the workout to show up. If you find that after a couple hours it still doesn't show up, you can always "repeat" the workout and fast forward to the end and try sending the data again. MyFitnessPal has been having some issues with users logging in, and so that means that if the c25k app can't log into MFP, then no data is sent. 


Another thing to try is to log out of your MFP app, and log back in. That would hopefully reset the MFP app, which then would give c25k app permission to send data. 


Thanks! As always, you can send an email to contactus@zenlabsllc.com for more support and help. 

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Guest Tiffany

Eureka! I have discovered the answer!!! At the end of the work out it will prompt you to post it on social media, look closely and you'll notice next to the Facebook and Twitter icons that there is also a icon for my fitness pal, just select that one (doesn't require sharing on social media) and it will automatically log in the breakdown of your excercise.


If your still having problems go to help section in myfitnesspal.


Hope this helps! Good luck to everyone with their training and excercise goals.

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Guest Norman Dunbar

I have been trying to connect the app with My Fitness Pal, but every time I try it links me to the download for the free version, despite having already installed the full version of C25k. How can I get around this and no if the apps are actually linked

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