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Screen Lock & Voice Prompts

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First I must say the C25K app is amazing - I am starting Week 2 and loving it, and looking forward to my first full 5k run!


I have a question about functionality - perhaps I am doing something wrong. I am using the C25K Pro app (version 3.2) in an iPhone 5, and I find I need to leave the app running and holding the phone in my hand (without me or anything touching the screen anywhere) in order for the voice prompts to work and the timing to be correct for each walk and run segment. This is kind of a pain because I would like to be able to open the app, select the day I am currently doing to start the app counting down, push the iPhone lock button and pop the phone in my pocket and off I would go eagerly listening for the voice prompts to switch between walking & running (which when it works is brilliant, but when it does not work - see my next sentence - it is wholly troubling since I am counting on the app to coach me as I cannot currently run much longer than the expected 60 seconds & if I need to look at the countdown timer while running it defeats the utility of the app). If I go through the steps as I outlined in the last sentence and lock the phone and put it in my pocket I find the timing between segments is not always accurate (i.e.the timing sometimes works counting down correctly, while other times it does not as the time stops until I take the phone out of my pocket and open the app again and the voice prompts sometimes occur and sometimes do not - therefore leading me to not trust the app). The only way I have found to have the countedown and voice prompt both work properly is to hold the phone with the app running (and lock screen setting disabled in C25K app settings).


Like I said maybe I misunderstand how the app is supposed to work. Do I need to leave the app running as the currently displayed app so I can see the countdown timer and not touch the screen while running to have it work properly? Or, should I be able to fire up the app, lock the phone and pop it in my pocket and expect it do continue working properly (which is what I would like - kind of the way MyFitnessPal works).


By the way I have tried various combinations of playing my music through the C25K app and not, and music does not seem to be the variable that causes the problem. The variable has something to do with the iPhone lock and the screen staying on or not with C25K running in the foreground.


Your thoughts and help would be appreciated :)

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Hi George and Welcome here, happy you are here.


I open my Music app, get music going, then turn on my running app to measure distance traveled, then I open the C25k app. I actually never noticed if it locked or not. Inhate looking at my phone while I run. It goes in my pocket and prompts me the whole way. Or in my hand, but i refuse to look. Lol. When i go out again, I will look and see of my screen locks.

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Thanks KellyAnne & Josh,


Yes I have all the notifications set so I can hear the coach voice. When I hold the phone in my hand for the run, everything works fine as long as I do not touch the screen and pause the program by mistake.


The problem occurs when I lock the phone and put it in my pocket with the app running. Sometimes the voice prompts work and sometimes they do not. If I do not lock the phone before putting in my pocket, I have found the screen gets touched while rattling around in my pocket and the app can get paused unintentionally.


So I would really like to be able to run the app, lock the phone, put it in my pocket and have the app work properly.

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i don't think the app works running in the background or when the phone is locked. It has to be opened and active in order for the voice prompts to work. If the app is in the background, the time still counts, but it needs to be active with the phone not locked for voice prompts to work.

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My version (free one running on an iPhone 5c) has a lock facility on the app, there's a picture of a padlock which you press and it keeps counting, you can hear all of the voice prompts and it won't change if you touch the screen. Display does stay on with a kind of sunshade effect over it. Might be worth updating your app as this only appeared recently.

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