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Finally at the 3rd attempt I managed to get through the 1st 3 minute run, I can manage the 2nd part of the run, but having breathing issues at the beginning of a run, due I think to age (66), mass (overweight), never having run before & Asthma.

I am going to repeat Wk 3 & hope I can get through it, but will I cope with what comes next & why is my distance is getting shorter, I ended week 1 day 3 at just over 2 miles, but now I am doing 1.75, why?

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I was also same boat jan worried as older (47), never run, overweight. My view has been keep jogging just slowly slowly slowly - repeat a day if you need no drama. I

My routine is I do my session, next 1-2 days I walk only, the next session 1-2 days from previous run to let the leg muscles recover. Works for me - currently finished week 4 day 1 with difficulty so will repeat this day.

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Hi, my original post was from June & I am pleased to say I graduated C25K in August, if you do the math it took a few weeks longer for me than some, but I'm 66, asthmatic & really did start from scratch, I hadn't run since school. I still can't run a 5k without a stop or 2, but my best time is a Parkrun in under 35 mins. Now that the cold weather is here I already struggle, so my runs are shorter & I am so much slower, but I will go out when I can. My goal is to be able to run a 10k next year. In short, use the C25k app & forums to help & guide you, you are the only person who can get you off the couch, but you are also the person who knows when to build on repeating stages, don't worry about how long it takes, provided you are honest with yourself you will progress. Well done.

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