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Hiya, peeps!!


I actually started a C25K program through my work about a month ago. I was sidelined immediately with a strain in my leg, but was able to get started the following week, and I was going strong for about three weeks.


With one run left in week 3 I received the news that my grandmother had passed away. Since that point I haven't exactly felt the wind in my sails. I think I'm ready to attack this program again, but after a two week layoff I'm thinking I'm just going to start over. I'm going to get my wife to join me this time around, so it should be fun to tackle this together.


Hopefully, I can find the time to be active in the forums (tough with a soon-to-be three year old.), and we can all help encourage each other along the way.

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Guest TrishE

Welcome cmwright1981! 

Well I should say welcome back :) I understand being sidelined with injury and family troubles, its hard to work out when your mind is else where. When youre ready to start again try turning things your way. Dedicate every mile to your grandmother if you find yourself thinking about her. Family is definitely an added motivation when everyone is willing to be apart of the program with you. 

Be careful with your injury and good luck! 

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Thanks, TrishE!!


I bought some new running shoes early on, and haven't had a bit of foot or leg pain since, so I'm getting back that Eye of the Tiger feeling. I'll do my best to come back and share my progress. Maybe someone who's further along can help me over any tough humps. And who knows? Maybe my story can serve as motivation for someone else.


Good luck to everyone on your path to greatness!

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