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Week 5

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Just finished day one of week five. I was assuming it was going to be a repeat of day one and I was feeling like this was going to be an easy week until I looked at the rest of the week!!! Yikes! I am trying to look at the positive but it is a bit intimidating. I don't want to get discouraged if I can't complete it the first time. Just curious if others have had the same experience?

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Guest TrishE

For sure! You are not alone, week five is a huge jump and it is intimidating to say the least haha Honestly just try your best, visualize and conquer. It sounds silly but it has been shown that athletes who visualize themselves as fit and strong can push themselves farther than those who dont. I just read that in SHAPE (fitness) today. Worst case scenario you have to walk which is still great exercise, either way you win :)

Good luck and keep up the great work. You can do it!

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I ran into a metaphoric wall for W5D3.  I might have been a bit overconfident that Days 1 & 2 weren't as much of a struggle.  I stepped back to W5D2 today as I've been on vacation for a week and I feel MUCH more confident about Monday's run.  It'll have taken a few tries but I KNOW I'm going to beat this.

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