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App issue posting to Facebook

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I've been using C25K free on my iPhone 5s for over 4 months.  I've had C25K connected to my Facebook account and have been posting my completion statuses as I've finished each of my runs.  

Starting this week, C25K will no longer post to my Facebook and I haven't changed anything.


I really like this app and need the encouragement and accountability of my Facebook friends.  But now it is very discouraging and frustrating.  Nothing seems to fix this issue. 


The "End Workout" and "Sharing with Friends" screen appears after my run.

I am logged into Facebook, because the icon is shown in color (blue) and my username is listed

I press "send" in the upper right and it takes me to a new screen in safari.  Before it would just post and I would be done.

This new screen looks like a Facebook page and says "Confirm  You have already authorized C25K - 5K Trainer." With press buttons for "Cancel" and "OK" Pressing "Cancel" brings me to the "End Workout" screen where it says "Submitting your message" with a spinning icon and just spins for hours. 

Pressing "OK" brings me back to the same Zen Labs C25K "End Workout" screen with a pop up dialog box appearing that says:  "This app doesn't have permission to do this.  To change permissions, try logging into the app again." with a touch button that says "OK"

Logging back into C25K does not change anything.


I've already tried deleting and reinstalling the app on my phone.

Reconnecting to Facebook.

Checking my Facebook permissions.


Help!!!!  Everything was working great until now.  I've hunted all over the internet for an answer, but came up with nothing.  Has no one else experienced this problem?  This is my last resort.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.


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I cant post to Facebook either. Using Android version, Sony Xperia. Also had no problems for the past 4 months but this week i was made to update the app and since then its playing up. When I try to post to FB it says (#200 the user hasnt authorized the application to perform this action) but it doesnt prompt me with how I go about doing this...am looking for alternative apps now... :(


A quick read of the reviews page on Google play indicates we are not the only ones with issues since the update...

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Same issue for me......haven't been able to post to FB for about a week. Getting the same message/info/results as Esther822 on my iPhone 6. Quite obviously something has changed - perhaps the latest FB update has created a glitch for C25K postings? Dunno, but sure wish it would get fixed!!

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