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46 year old out of shape and over weight male runner.

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started this last week with the wife, now on week 2 day 3, not sure I am going to be able to finish week 3. Can't believe I am in this bad of shape. 5'10 248 pounds. Always wanted to run but I am struggling with this. Body just keeps saying quit.


The struggle is real people !

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Hi There Ken,


First Welcome here.  So happy you joined...  YOU CAN DO IT!!!   If you cannot run, walk, it is perfectly fine.  Once you get stronger (short time), you will be able to go faster and faster.   Only took me about 4 days to really feel like I was getting stronger...  DO the 3 days, then, lift weights, and/or anything else to help you...


If you do not finish, do not be too hard on yourself, you just pick where you left off..


GOOD LUCK and we are rooting for you!   Keep us posted!

:)  :)

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Guest TrishE

Exactly what KellyAnn said. Running is tough tough tough! Dont shortchange what you and your wife are pushing your bodys to do. Its an all over work that includes mental. It teaches you to strengthen your resolve and your focus. Remember why you started and take it one minute at a time. Any run,whether your run all the segments or just one, is better than no run at all. Everyone hits a wall, just hit it hard enough to break through it. 

Good luck! We are all here if you need more motivation or have any questions 

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At just under 5' 8" I was at 197 pounds in January.  I started the program and had to stop because of blizzards and no safe places to run.  I re-started the program 2 months ago.  I'm only on Week 5 (some increases were more challenging than I could handle in one step) but I've just kept hammering at it.  I have a goal in mind - I registered for a 5K and a 10K race at Disney World next January and there are NO REFUNDS! :)  I wear my Disney Vacation Club Members hat on my runs to help remind me.  I want to live longer for my family and I want some finisher medals to show for it :)  That's what really keeps me going.

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