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Hello everyone, I'm starting this new journey for two reasons. First to lose some weight and keep me off of cigarettes (8 days so far). Second my sister runs marathons and I would like to join her someday. I have no experience running. So any and all advice is appreciated. My first run will be in the morning. I will use this community for accountability and support. Thanks in advance!

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Guest TrishE


Congrats on starting your new healthy lifestyle! Running is a great way to lose weight and to help your body get into shape. My advice to first time runners is to always, if you can, invest in a great pair of running shoes. Trust me theyre totally worth it. Second, to be patient with yourself. Running and being healthy is hard work and there will always come a time where your motivation and your weight loss will hit a plateau. Its because of that I try to tell people to set short term and reachable goals for themselves. Something thats challenging but not impossible and to reward yourself when you reach them with something fun and exciting. Try to stay away from rewards involving junk food, its a slippery slope once you start. Also remember that diet is half the battle, if you eat right while running your weight will take care of itself. 

I wish you the best of luck. We are all here for help and encouragement if need be :)

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It's been 1 year 126 days since I smoked a cigarette. Initially I did it to be a better role model for my son. I feel better and I'm finally ready to take it a step further. I just completed day 1. Although I'm in pain and love the thought of never running again, I'm committed to this. I look forward to this new journey and making new friends! Best of luck to all of you!

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