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Hi everyone.


Love the forums!  I'm a newbie... just started running about a year ago.  I'm by no means a natural runner.  I've always hated it.  Right now, running and I have a love hate relationship going on (I love to hate it), which is better than it used to be.  I'm very slow.  Due to a busy schedule, unenthusiasm about treadmills, and summer heat, I've fallen off during the summer.  ...BUT I'm not giving up on it!


Anyways, just wanted to say hello to everyone.  TTYL.

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Keep pushing, you'll get through! If the heat is a problem, try getting out there early in the morning (maybe once a week). I started this summer getting up at 5:30 a.m., and once you're actually out of bed, it's easy to get going and not make excuses.

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