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No more snow!!!


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Hi! Been awhile since I checked in. I am still planning on running in an Easter weekend 5K.

Problem is, it has been so cold and snowy. I can deal with the cold. But the snow!!! Come on! I feel like I'm in some kind of obstacle race. Climb a drift, leap over the ice, oops they didn't shovel so run on the road, jump over the plow line. Sheesh! My ankles and hips are killing me. I try for once a week, but wish I could get out more. I am worried I'll be the last, most sweaty, most out of breath person there. I know it's about just getting out there. But ... Fingers crossed for clear roads and sidewalks soon!!! I never used to think I'd say this, but I want to run!!!

How is everyone else holding up?

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Hey there,


There you are. Missed you. I can only imagine the snow. Uggh. It is horrible on the East Coast. I'm in Nevada and we haven't even had a winter at all. I'm in CA this weekend and it is warm. Do I want to run?, no. Lol. What State are you in?? I feel for you. Long winter. Do you have any exercise equipment at home?? Any community center with a track?


I'm happy you are back. Keep me posted. Hugs.

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Hi. I'm on southern Ontario. I should stop whining because we have a lot less than some places North. And some of those states that got dumped on!!! We've warmed up this week. Yesterday and today are above 0. Roads are snow free, just waiting fit some clear sidewalks. :)

I've registered for my first 5K in 4 weeks. Super excited. Just want to run run run. Lol

I've been doing some P90x and extra cardio to keep up. We do have an indoor track, but I don't like people to see me huffing and puffing. Something I guess I'll have to get over since I've entered a race. Lol

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