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Completed Week 5 Day 3!


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Before I mention today's run I just want to say: what a brilliant app, I love it! Thank you very much :)


I have been dreading Wk5D3 for some time, in fact, I put off this day for the last 4 days. I got to the point where I thought if I don't do it now, I never will. However, I read all the advice given on this forum and I decided to just get out and do it. I started my play list and reduced my pace . . . and then I ran!


The voice said that I was half way, I thought that I feel ok, perhaps I can do it. When I heard the voice say that I had one minute left, I felt so good because I knew that I was going to complete it! At the end of the 20 mins running, the voice said and now start your cool down, but I carried on running. I thought I would try another minute so I counted to 60, then I did it again and then again. Next thing I knew the voice said that my session was complete . . . I had run for 25 minutes non-stop! I am so happy, there is no way that I thought that I could ever do it what I achieved today.


I am a 46 year old, 17 stone (240lb) man that did not do any form of exercise until now. I am now looking forward to each run and I can't wait until my first organised 5km run.



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Good to hear! Today is W5D3 for me and I have been fearing this day for the last two weeks. Hopefully I can push through it like you did. It's nice to see posts like this where people have success with their runs. It gives someone lIke me hope and motivation that it is possible.

Congrats and thanks for sharing.

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Guest TrishE

oh my gosh aahowe I just read your other story! Dont be afraid of w5d3 see yourself conquering it and just do it! Running is hugely mental, dont let it intimidate you. Let your mind get you there and your body will follow

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Hi again everyone.


It's been over a year since I posted the above and I've been doing some recent reflection due to writing a blog and my experiences over the last year and starting a Twitter feed with running tips and advice.


Lots has changed in my life, it's all positive and it's thanks to C25K. I'll list some of the key changes and improvements, but please, whilst reading these keep in mind the image of the unfit, overweight, middle-aged man who was completely daunted with the prospect of W5D3 - this is not me 'showing off' and bragging; this is me demonstrating what is achievable from following the programme . . . it works:


From 17 stone to 12 stone (lost 70lbs)

5k at 20:09mins (soon to go sub 20mins)

10k at 42:10mins (target sub-40mins)

1 mile 5:39 mins (aiming for a sub-5 mins)

Completed 10 mile race in 71:02 mins

First place in my age-category in several races

Train over 40 miles a week

My weekly long run is 17 miles

In training my half marathon time is 1hr45mins

Racing in HM in 4 weeks

Signed up to a full marathon October this year

Member of a local running club

Often talk about health and fitness at local schools

I have energy and feel good about myself

Things in life that used to daunt me don't anymore


I am in the middle of writing my blog, in retrospect over the last year and soon it will become a diary of what I'm doing now, week by week. Please have a look and feel free to comment, you can also follow me on Twitter:




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