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I don't feel like I'm progressing

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Hi there Disney Fan,


Welcome here. Sorry you are struggling with those days. Yes, repeat if you want to until you get a little stronger. Sometimes it is all in our heads. Don't look at your phone when you run either, put it down (per Azatol), that will help and listen to fantastic music. I wouldn't repeat the week for a long time, but just til you feel comfortable enough to move on. You can do it !!!!! Good luck.

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When I started running as well, those 3 minutes of running was horrible and I thought, no way can I run 5 minutes next week, and definitely not 20 minutes a few weeks after that! I just finished week 6 and I'm thinking back how hard I first thought those 3 minutes were. You will get there and don't let it slow you down. Push those bad thoughts out of your head and run run run! You will do great!

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I felt as if I was struggling with the 3 min runs, so what I did was repeat that week again, but would also complete the first week workout after that. My body got used to longer workouts, so that helped. I then realized that my brain was playing tricks on me.


Just because you think you're having a hard time doesn't mean you can't try to do the 5 min runs. If you have to pause to take a break, take a break! Just don't take one for too long and don't take one for laziness :)


It's better to try and not do so well than to not try at all. Good luck!!

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