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Let the Wedding Preparation Begin!


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Hello Everyone. I am very happy today because I just as I was searching google for a fitness forum I realized this app had one!


To introduce myself. My name is Ashley, I'm 21, and getting married on July 4th this year. I am about 210 pounds and way out of shape.


3 years ago in high school I played basketball and softball I also worked out of the gym for an hour a day lifting weights. I was never "skinny" but I ran for about 3 hours a day at practice and gym class so I was in SHAPE.


After high school, the weight gain began. No more basketball and softball, no more mandatory gym class. I couldn't eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight anymore.


Now, 3 years later I don't feel happy with myself anymore. I have tried C25K once before but was very discouraged by how tired I was during week one. It just feels so strange to me to run and be out of breath and have my muscles burning.



I guess I'm just looking for support and encouragement during these next 6 months as I try and lose weight for my wedding.


Thanks in Advance!

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Hi There Ashley,


Welcome on the Forums.  We are excited you are here.   You took the first step and you will love the apps.  


YOU CAN DO IT!   Once you are on your way, change your diet too.  Paleo is one way to lose.  Healthy changes.   I am so proud of you for doing this.  There are a lot of us in the same boat as you and everyone helps each other here!


SO exciting with our Upcoming wedding, NICE!!    July 4th will be a nice date to have.


There are also a lot of us on MyFitnessPal too and cheer each other on there.   


WE also have an Accountability 2015 Board here that you can start your own Journal.


Anyways, I  am so happy to be on this journey with you.   Cheering you on Ashley, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D 

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You bet Ashley.


You are doing great eliminating what you can. Small steps for sure. To me Paleo Is a lifestyle change for the rest of my life, with some carbs thrown in here and there of course. I absolutely refuse to diet. But it's all in moderation. If I want pizza, I eat it, then perfect the next day. Ya gotta live. :)

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Welcome! Congrats on the upcoming wedding! Ive been married for three years and it was best thing to happen to me :) Youre in for a great adventure.

Also congrats on wanting to start your journey to a healthy life. Not only will you lose weight but youll feel so much better because your body will be in a great place. 

I wasnt ready for dieting or a lifestyle change when I first started either. I stopped drinking all sugary drinks (minus my mandatory cup of coffee) and I drank tons of water (im up to a gallon a day sometimes more). I just ate a lot of the same things in the first months until I got comfortable with dieting. Lots of grilled chicken brown rice eggs fruits and veggies. Though they are processed they make healthier options for things like bread (sarah lee has some thats 90 calories per two slices) and bagels ( thomas has bagel thins 110 calories per bagel!). 

Good luck!! keep us posted!

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Good luck in your battle. Your young and I assume fairly healthy ( you didn't elude to anything different ). You will have no problem completing the course if you defeat the one enemy ahead of you. Your own mind!! Win the mental game and win the race, if you will.


Diet isn't a necessity but a proper diet will absolutely accelerate your wight loss. I, like Kelly, am also living the Paleo lifestyle. I have injured shoulder, knees, rib cage and can't do pretty much anything right now yet I still dropped a pound last week. Start running, enjoy yourself and just keep it in mind. You don't have to make every change today :)

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