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nervous of running 10k

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Hi I have taken some time but for past few months have been running a slow 5km..PB is 33mins...I want to start increasing distance but can only do 2 runs per week as a single mum..I've started doing body pump at home or walking to school with kids on other days and walked 16 miles yesterday yet running 10k makes me feel nervous...should I start at week 8...and just experiment with it..?


I would like to do a10k in end of March..I am slightly  asthmatic and aneamic (on iron tablets for that)and sometimes find my breathing seems so heavy..is breathing heavy normal ?  


.... also I'm not sure..I breath through my mouth when running should I now start training my self to use my nose? So..for lots to clarify xx

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R&S, don't be nervous. If you can run a 5K (no matter the speed) you are very close to being able to knock out the 10K. I would suggest that you start on week 9, and see how it goes, if you feel like backing up a week or two to feel comfortable, that's fine, as well. I wouldn't worry about getting in just two runs per week, you'll still gain the benefits if you keep on a scheduled. I think you'll be good advancing each week every nine days (or whatever your schedule allows). You may not complete the 10K program before the end of March, but you'll be close, and when you get to race day, you'll be surprised how ready your body is to make it the entire distance.


I breath through my mouth almost exclusively when I run. I've always felt like I can't not get a deep enough breathe and don't get enough oxygen when I breath through my nose.


Best of luck, keep us updated on your progress.

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Hi Smiling!!

Your post made me think of what one of our members did in regards to running and being surprised by her time:  For fun, Cendorly, completed a 5k run using her 5K training (she jog/walked) and received her best time to date - she knocked off 10 minutes!  I thought, what a great idea!  I had set a goal to run a 5K in March, yet in the back of my mind, I knew I would cancel if not ready - "I must be running 30 minutes before I can move on .... or else!!" Dun dun dunnnn! HA!  :rolleyes: (yes, I really did link a sound effect LOL)

Today, I am NOT going to wait until I have it down. I am definitely going to participate in March.  I'll bring my app, listen to music and view my first 5K as a normal weekly workout - I imagine the nervous excitement of simply being present will encourage a new record!  Doable, fun and spontaneous, and it gets me out of my perfectionist mode of having to do it by the book.  More 5k's will come along and eventually I'll nail that 30 minutes, and who knows(!!) ... I may nail it before my first 5K!  Nothing is set in stone. LOL 


Can't wait to be where you are today Running and Smiling! I am wishing for you: LOADS of fun running and less nervousness, and cheering you on from afar, yet near in heart!  Btw, when I complete my first 30 minutes, I too wish to set my goals on a 10K and was planning on jumping ahead and picking up where the 5K leaves off. :)


Like Timb, I too breathe through my mouth - deep breaths. I've tried through my nose, yet it does not feel right.  If you are curious about breathing, I found this article interesting and helpful:  How to Breathe When Running


Cheers to increasing our speed, our stamina and our overall health and well-being, AND to participating in many fun runs to come!!!

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A 33-min 5K is not a bad pace at all! Most races I've seen or participated in have a 15-min/mile pace minimum requirement, and you're just under 11 min/mile, so you'll be fine! I'm at about the same pace as you, and I'm NOT a runner (nor have I trained much other than with the 5K app).

Perhaps this will give you some confidence: I just ran my first 10K a couple weekends ago, and I'm 6 months pregnant (again, not a runner).  My time was horrid, but my goal wasn't to get a great time; it was to finish without assistance or getting "swept." We (my husband and I) walked a LOT of it, and I'm pretty sure I breathed thru my mouth the whole time (breathing heavy is my norm these days lol), but we did it!  If I can do it, you TOTALLY can!!! You might pleasantly surprise yourself to discover you're not the slowest one out there. So I say GO FOR IT! Keep training, and so what if you don't finish the 10K training. You'll do fantastic anyway, and you'll be glad you did it. "Stretch goals" and challenging yourself is totally worth it, expecially when you get that medal :)

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