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Oh man that was bad.....

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So I'm just getting ready to go out for a run and realised that I never posted after my last one. That was 2 days ago Monday 2/2/15 I should have gone on the Sunday but got waylaid with the OH and all that.

Anyway I went out but as I walked out the house I ended up on the phone. I walked my warm up and did my stretches all on the phone. (I know talented right). I got of the phone and decided that I didn't want to do the same as I did last time so skipped to W3D1 normally when I finish my stretches I go straight into running which of course I did. The problem was because I had been on the phone I hadn't started the day, so when I started running I ended up running the warm up and the first run which was 90 secs which meant I ran 5 1/2 mins straight. I did it and it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I continued with the rest of it as it should be. I even did the course slightly differently so that when I got to the gym it was at the end of my run. Yay.

On the gym I did 3x 10 reps and 2 or 3 mins on the others.


Right I'm gonna go blast it. Will post when I get back in.

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So blast it I did. As I had done more than expected last time I went straight on to W4D1 and it was ok. Not easy but very stretching. The last 5 min jog I thought my phone had died or something it felt forever to get the warm down. But I got through it. I then went onto the gym. I didn't do anymore but that's ok I'm just glad I'm doing it. And I will make progress with the gym as the running gets easier and reps are easier. I'm where I need to be with it right now.


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