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Just breathe?


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I just wanted to find out if anyone else has had this happen.

Four days ago I missed my run because of family matters. Nothing serious, but it had to be dealt with. But the next day while I was getting ready for my run I had this odd "episode". I started coughing out of nowhere! Not little "I have something in my throat" coughs. Wet, bronchial coughs that took my breath away in the litteral sense. I haven't been able to really breathe correctly sense, and I have had two more of these "episodes".

I have a doctor's appointment next weekend (the earliest I can go) but I wanted to see if anyone had had anything similar. I had only just finished week 1.

Anything helps my curiosity.

. . . - Nadara

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Nadara, the only time I have had coughing spasms or fits, during or right after running, was a result of me over-exerting, (I was healthy btw). I'm talking about non-stop coughing/hacking that last not minutes, yet hours later, waning and then finally stopping. That said, I am so happy you have a Doctor's appointment coming.  Please let us know!

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