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i am going to lose 20kg!


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Indeed. I am 43 mother of two and it is time to take some myself time (i am even kind and take the f@#$/ dog with me the first two times) i am in my first week. I also dieting.. using the shed diet. As i started today and du for 6 weeks... i will let you know.

I love running. I stopped more than a year ago with my new job.. and today i am restarted!!!! See u on day 3!

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Yay!   Congrats on beginning again, and welcome to Zenlabs!  How have the first two days gone Chelga?  

I am happy to hear you will be returning on day 3!  Hearing your progress and experience encourages me along as well.  :)


I have never heard of the Shed Diet. I'm curious and will look it up. :) 


Good for you for taking time out for yourself! So vitally important for each of us.  :)


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Hi ther Chelga.


Welcome here. You will love it here. Everyone is so encouraging on here. You are funny about the dog.


You do need that time for yourself, I make sure I take that time everyday or I am definitely not myself. I am curious about the shed diet too and will look it up.


I am Paleo girl all the way and will do that for the rest of my life. I am super proud of you for beginning again. You can do it. Here cheering you on.


Keep us posted here. And hugs.

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Welcome welcome Chelga! Congrats on restarting a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Diet and exercise is key! 

I wish I could take my dog but shes an english bulldog haha taking her for a run is not recommended, her thirty minutes of exercise consists of a waddle around the block

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