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Started Week 1 Day 2 Feeling Awesome. Age 48 138 Kilos


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This is my last chance of reaching my goal to be 75 kilos before I'm 50 in Sept 2016.


Years of self doubt that I wasn't worth it or that I could never be fit or reach a normal weight.


I'm sick of side glances and giggles by slimmer people when I walk into a room or pass them by on the street.


I don't want to be overweight and unfit in my 50s and 60s. I lost my Mother at 54 due to weight issues.


I owe it to myself to live the dream and be Happy.







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The first and most important step to changing your life for the healthier is making the conscious decision to start and to keep at it. its not an easy life to live for sure.Its a constant thing that youre are going to be working for, its never ending. There are going to be sacrifices and a lot things that you're not going to want to do but the pay off is so worth it. When you step on that scale and see that number youve always wanted to see, to see yourself in the mirror fitting into clothes you never thought youd wear again and your doctor telling you how healthy you are and how much better youre life is going to be. Its truly amazing.

I hope you keep at it and keep us posted we are here for help and encouragement if need be! 

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YOU CAN DO IT and this is your first step in becoming a better you.  I am so proud of you for begininning here.


Post a Journal on the Accountability 2015 Board and hold yourself accountable.    This is the FIRST step to a better you!


My DR. told me that how yo enter your 50's is how you will be for the rest of your life, make it a good ENTRY!


SO PROUD of you.   


We are all here for you on this Journey.  If you have any questions, need help, we are all here!   





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