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healed fractured 5th metatarsal pain


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Hi Elle!! :) 

Someone will answer, I promise. Hang in there, (it is hard waiting for an answer right! LOL).   


Also, congrats on completing week 1 in spite of and because of an injury!! Right on!


Having broke my foot twice (playing football with peers and then again with kids) it is not fun waiting for this injury to heal. Ice helped (right after and then after my cast was taken off) and then time. :(  Curious, how did you fracture your metatarsal? 

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Hi Shannon!


I'll eventually go to my Dr for suggestions but I thought I would check here if anyone had some advice.


Thanks! I finished week day 1 today :)


Yeah having a foot injury is the pits :( I actually broke this same bone twice too. First time from stepping on it when it was asleep and all numb(I know! Super dumb lol) and this second time from tripping down the stairs a landing on it wrong.

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Elle, I am not an expert on shoes (by any means). I'm still working with my first pair of "real" running shoes, and I still bought those because the price was more in the range I was looking for. Don't tell some of my running friends who aren't on this forum, or they'll kill me for allowing price to be a concern! I would try a few things that might help with the pain. Try wrapping one day for your run and see if that helps. The biggest thing I would suggest, if you are often getting swelling later in the day is to ice right after you complete your run, and again later in the day, if necessary. Best of luck!

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These are just guesses. I'm not a doctor and have never fractured anything other than my pride....


Do you have running shoes?

Did you get fit at a running store to be sure the shoe type matches your natural gait?

Do you wear cushioned running socks? (Belega Hidden Comfort are like running in a cloud )

Do you have inserts for your running shoes? Sure made it more comfortable for me

Do you do calf stretches? This is from my physical therapist. He tells me it's ultra critical to have good ankle rotation to minimize stress on the body. (absolutely ask a doctor before doing this as it's in the area you were injured.  I am not a medical professional. Just a parrot.)

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