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New at this!...Week 2


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Hi Tasha.


You are doing great. I've done that before myself. It's not bad at all. As long as you rest between days or do cross training, then do what makes you feel good. Some weeks we want to do more than others. Then when you have a down week you will be so proud of where you came from.


Keep it up girl! Yay

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It's really best if you take a rest day between every workout. You're actually doing a form of strength training. Each time you run you're tearing muscle tissue and over the next 48 hoiurs it rebuilds stromnger. When you workout 2 consecutive days in a row you negate some of the benefits of the previous day. Rest days are the key to improvement. You're muscles grow on rest day not workout day. mLet your body reast a day between workouts and you will progress quicker and easier.

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