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Im sooo excited and i just cant hide it!!!! :-D


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lets take a step back to 2014, and the lazy couch potato.

Ok, so I walked my dog everyday, but that was about it!!

Oct 2014 i found some motivation from somewhere and decided i need to loose weight! C25K and MyFitnessPal got downloaded! Every week i struggled but pushed on with determination!! Even after twisting my knee/hip slipping on mud, i had a few extra days rest, but i did not give up.

Dec 2014 i nearly completed week5, nearly!! The thing that let me down, i had to stop half way thru 20min run on day3 due to a coughing fit, but i did finish!!

I then gave up, i came down with a cold, complete lack of energy, christmas and new year being busy anyway C25K and MyFitnessPal got put on the back burner.

2015, i wasnt going to be that person to make a new years resolution and start again new years day, because i wasnt ready!!

Until this week!! That little motivator in my head it back!! Could be partly realising i lost 11lb before Christmas and hav put 4lb back on hahaha. I have today COMPLETED WEEK 5!!! Not knowing whether to start back on week 5 where i left off or go back to week 4 i started with the "i can always repeat it"

After a very positive week 5 day 1, i didnt want the disapointment of failing day 3 again!!

Today, ok, so its 20mins straight! I did hav 2 unscheduled stops, first was dog needing toilet, second was shoe laces coming untied!! I paused App as quick as i could, and started jogging 30secs before starting App again (to allow for time it took to get phone out of my pocket) -- these both happened within first 4mins, many would think this is a sign to give up, not me, this made me more determined!!! And after the "begin your cooldown" prompt i actually continued for a further 2mins (and still felt like i could do more) I AM SOO PLEASED WITH MYSELF!!

I have also treated myself to a FitBit today, lets make 2015 a positive year!!

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Great to hear you've come back to finish. Once you cross that W5D3 threshold I think it gets mentally easier. It's sort of like you've gone from pushing off from the start to pulling towards the finish. I can see the prize at the end and I'm gonna get it!!!


I'm almost there ( Week 7 ). Will I see you there? ( I'm bettin' on it )

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Thank you for all your messages! Your all so motivational!! I love these forums just as much as i love running!! (Yes, the couch potato just said she loves running!! Haha)


Love coming on to read everyones progress and journey so far, problem is, it makes me get motivated so i dont seem to have time to leave my comments


Everyone is doing soo well!


Today iv completed week 6! YAY! And was thinking next week i might try running my route the opposite way, which would mean running a section uphill!! (I always run down it) add a little extra challenge.

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Woohoo Kez,


Week 6?   Amazing, Keep it up !    I live in the mountains here, and uphill, downhill, its tough, but when I get to someplace flat when I travel, man, can I run that course, I love it!


What I love to do when I have to run up a hill, is to do it backwards, work those calves and Quads harder.  I also do sidesteps up the hill, just to break it up!


SOOOOO proud of you!   HUGS!

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Motivation is what the forums are all about, well one of many amazing things the forums are about haha the program really really does work. thats what so great about it. its an easy to follow program for normal people that gives results. 

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