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restarting life


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I'm 49, almost 50. Hubby has 12 years on me and I can't keep up with him. Tomorrow is day one for me and because I'm way off where I should be I will be walking two speeds through the first time. I will do the c25k a second time with running which should make it possible to run a 5k for my 50th birthday in July. Here's to new beginnings.

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Oh I'm having fun with this 'old' topic! LOL   Ok, playfully consider the use of 'old' or 'older' in reference to your age. "I am old" vs. "I am older".  Personally, I do not see myself as old.  I AM definitely older!  :P   Big difference!   :P  

Now that THAT is out of the way:  Younger or older - welcome to the party!  :D 


Hey Pics, come July, I can't wait to tell you HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY and CONGRATS on your 5K!!!   Btw, are you interested in having a few accountability buddies?  



*waves her cane in the air*  ;)

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Buddies are always a good thing to have. I will not quit no matter what. Day two has been completed and it feels good sweating like this. I'm going to do this every other day so it's harder to skip a day. Hubby is definitely cheering me on also since he asked me if I had any plans after the treadmill for Tuesday since we both have the day off.

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