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I started the C25K for the first time in Aug2014. I completed it and ran a 5k in Oct. I decided that I wanted to try to build to a 10k but I also wanted to increase my speed some. I restarted the C25K this time building some speed. I just completed it again and and into the first week of building to 10k. I've really enjoyed the movement and challenges through this. I've been having some calf muscle soreness since I've increased my speed though and am wondering if I need to slow down again and just go at it slow.

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Crash, you are in the right place and space! This is a GREAT place to share; to encourage and be encouraged!   Congratulations on beginning again!!   


Momo, RIGHT ON!  Challenging yourself, adjusting and re-adjusting to suit your personal needs and goals!  Congratulations on completing and setting another goal .. 10K!


Hope you two keep posting your progress in Accountability 2015 - a great way to share your progress - like a diary of sorts!



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Hi There Crash and Momo,


Welcome to  the Forums..  Best place to be.   We started an Accountability Board too so you can start a Journal there.  Love it..


Momo, If your calves are sore, do some stretching after you warm up.  Mine are on fire today, so I am stretching every chance I get.  Ouch!  


Do some speed interval training on the other days and lift weights, that will help.   Good Luck!

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