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It was long weekend here (Labor Day). On long weekends I don't do internet,  I am traveling, fishing, eating and drinking :D

This time I also manage to do running!


Saturday September 3 

icon_running_blk.png - 2.9mi, 30min

Monday September 6

icon_running_blk.png - 3.2mi, 36min


I have run outside  first time since I have started the program!

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Breezee, way to go! Just two more runs to complete the program!


Back to treadmill (I like treadmill, since numbers motivate me more than anything else)




walk.gif - 0.6mi, 3.5mph

icon_running_blk.png - 2,3mi, 6.2mph

walk.gif - 0.2mi. 3.5mph

icon_running_blk.png - 1.0mi, 6.2mph

walk.gif - 0.3mi, 3.5mph

* All with 3% incline


Total running distance 3.3mi

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Uphill 2.5km walk and back. Averaging 30 km a week between runs and walks. Feeling fit and healthy. Have last day to go on week 8 and had no weight loss but have dropped a clothing size. Just so I am not disappointing anyone - I am within my healthy weight range anyway and would just like to drop a few kilos. Just because someone is not overweight doesn't mean they are fit and healthy. I am feeling great!

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