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I started C25K almost 4 weeks ago.  I  did really well moving forward (repeating some days) until W2D2.  After completing the workout, I noticed my knees and shins hurt more than normal.  Went to the doctor to find out I had tendonitis in my knees or at least that's what he diagnosed me with since my knees checked out ok.  He prescribed 6 weeks of PT.  A co-worker practices Reflexology so I had her work on me.  After 3 sessions along with ice and rest, me knees no longer hurt.  Granted I have been doing nothing for almost 2 weeks now...no walking and no running.  I really believe for a person that hasnt exercised in over a year and one that has never been a runner, I was pushing myself too hard and too fast.  I really wanted to keep up with the program.  This set back has made me realize that it's ok to take it slow, repeat days/weeks as needed, and it is also important to take the rest days to allow my body time to rest.


I plan to begin walking again next week to see how things go and hopefully restart the program the following week. 


Looking for a buddy/group to help with daily motivation and questions as they arise.


Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!




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I'm glad you stopped so quickly and went to the doctor right away - my husband tried to "run through" the pain and ended up with weeks of barely being able to walk at all from a torn meniscus. 


Like you, I started slow. My goal in the spring of 2013 was only to run Week One and Two throughout the whole summer! I actually got through Week Four by fall, even when I probably could have pushed myself much faster. Now I just have to do Week 8, Day 3 and I've completed the program!

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