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Guest Kasey

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Guest Kasey

Hello everyone! I never have ever purposly dedicated any of my time to excersise. I was a band geek all through school and hated sports. Suddenly during senior year I wanted to run! I just didn't know where to start... my mom told me about a lady who used this app and I immiedatly downloaded it it was perfect.

Though I had walked on the treadmill for weeks to prepare my muscles for some more activity... I still ended up getting a shin splint in the beginning of week two. I was absolutly bummed! It did put me down for awhile and I got lazy again, when I can run, I am willing to do other excersies, but as I was not running... I was not doing anything else. Well today I went for a run! Well a jog-run for the first time in two or so weeks. It felt so good! I did'nt use the app today because I thought it might be to hard on my leg if I did it that whole duration but I got a couple laps around the track down! It was amazing and I missed it. It is so relaxing and stress relieveing. :-) happy running everyone!

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