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earbuds- sport


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I have a pair of Bose SIE2i's but lost the bottom extension cord, and now have perforated the mesh on the right bud.  I am trying the Monster iSport Victory's......  I think the Bose sound better but the Victory are better at sound isolation. Neither are cheap......  


I've tried the Sennheiser's sport and didn't like the fit, and the Yurbuds sound atrocious- horrible!!  The Klipsch were not very comfortable and would not stay in and didn't sound spectacular.


Has anyone tried the Polks'?  


Not sure that I need even more expensive and bluetooth like the jay buds...

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I wish i knew more about headphones! All I know is that I got my first pair of wireless headphones for christmas and theyre the best haha I'm sorry. Good luck on your search. Let us know what you get and how they work in case I ever need to replace my headphones and want to make them a good pair. 

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I bought wireless ones that go around my neck.  Put the earbuds in and go.  SO easy to sync.  I use them in the car too.  When my phone rings, I turn it on, its syncs immediately and I can answer the phone on the 2nd ring.  Best ever.  Mine were about $65 , but you can get them cheaper too..


When I run, they are the best.  No more messing with the tethered ones.



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