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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I’d like to get started training for a 5k. I am 54 years old, and overweight. I was once a runner in my 20s and early 30’s. Any advice? I’m also afraid my heart isn’t ready for this, ie I'm afraid of having a heart attack.
  2. Hi - I’ve been dieting for the past couple years and lost approx 100 lbs. I have 30 more pounds to go and hoping I can get there by running. I’m super pumped about this app and hope it helps keep me going. Confused a little because I thought I had to exercise daily but it appears to be 3 days a week. Is that correct?
  3. I was in the best shape of my adult life right before I got pregnant. Since I got pregnant, I have put on 75 pounds. I want to get my body back, get my motivation back, and start eating healthy again.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm just started with C25K, but I don't understand where I can put my personal setting (like weight, height, age ...) Could you please help me? Thank you in advance for your support! Susy
  5. I'm over weight mum of three 15,14 and 11. I've completed the c25k before but had a work injury stop me from continuing. That was the years ago and the weight had piled on since then. I've just completed w2d1 today. I got a fitbit about a month ago and it's been the encouragement that I needed . I love it. I'm not using scales at all as for me it's about the way I feel. And I do feel like I've got energy now and my resting heart beat had dropped 9 points. So looking good I'd say.
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