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    mjw got a reaction from KellyAnn in any vegetarians?   
    Hi. I'm vegetarian. 'Have been for over 30 years. I am on week 4, day 1. I try to be sure to incorporate plenty of nuts in my diet, mostly almonds and walnuts. I have to try not to over do though so I don't get too much fat and calories. If you do dairy, Greek yogurt is a good source of protein. Nonfat or lowfat milk hydrates while providing protein as well. Best of luck to you.
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    mjw reacted to KellyAnn in Doing it!!   
    Hi There and Welcome to you!  Keep us posted, You can do it!  
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    mjw reacted to Emmacole106@hotmail.com in Doing it!!   
    Starting .....really have to do something, calorie diary downloaded too. This is the start of fit healthy me
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    mjw reacted to Yoyo in New and overweight .... Need help   
    I "run" or "jog" almost slower than I walk! Don't be afraid to go too slow, listen to your body, your lungs and legs will tell you how much you can do. You'll get faster as you go through the program.
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    mjw reacted to AnnicaK in Will I F**k up again...?   
    Just fount this app and thought I´d give it a try. I really wanna be able to run 5k. I have had problems with my shins for as long as I can remeber and I am carrying waay to many kilos. I've had the routine to start things but then always fall through.. Such a quitter when it comes to my body! Now I'm GONNA make it!! I'M GONNA!!!!  And I'm gonna do it for me!!!! Me, myself and I!!!
    Hope you make it as well!!
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    mjw reacted to Eris in Week 1 Day 2   
    Just finished Week 1 Day 2. I haven't done any kind of running I'm 2 years, it is kicking my butt nine ways to sunday and I'm feelin it! But I'm feeling good also. About time I got my butt into gear and set the path to getting healthier
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    mjw reacted to StaceyLeigh in First Timer!   
    Thanks!!! I'm on Day 3!!! Woo hoo!!
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    mjw reacted to Ariel Detonation in First Timer!   
    Anything is possible! Just remember, any day that you get out there, you are lapping everyone that's sat on the couch! Keep it up, its surprising how quickly the weeks go by, and how much you are capable of.
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    mjw reacted to StaceyLeigh in First Timer!   
    I finally decided to give this app a try. I've always wanted to run, but being a 235 pound woman, I honestly didn't think it was possible! But I'm doing it!!!! I'm just on day 1, but that's farther than I was yesterday!! ☺️
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