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    sdbeachgirl got a reaction from KellyAnn in C25k to C210k   
    I live in California (San Diego). We don't get any "real" weather here most of the time  
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to KellyAnn in Weight Loss for TTC   
    hI There Ash, Welcome on here.
    What is TTC?  Please do not stress yourself if you cannot run, by all means, get out here and walk the whole thing.  You are moving and that is all that matters.  Nutrition plays a big factor too, so watch what you eat too.  A lot of us are on MyFitnessPal and we encourage each other there too.  My name on there is kellybarr1.  I track everyday usually.   You can do it, so get out and go.  We are all here helping each other.   HUGS!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to NickiT in Hi!! Advice needed :)   
    I've made the decision to turn my lifestyle around. As of last week, I have eaten healthier, quit smoking, and started walking/jogging a mile every morning (followed by my in-home workout routine. I just started this awesome app today, and I love it.
    I was wondering though...is it going to do more harm than good to only have one rest day a week? I've enjoyed working out and jogging every morning, so I want to keep the ball rolling. Any advice would be great. I don't want to do something wrong and defeat the purpose of all this exercise.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to Lexy Moore in Finally have enough room for the app. Yay!   
    Hi there.
    I'm Lexy and I am so excited to finally have made enough room for this app. I started training for my fist 5K last month and have been using the same basic principle as this app. I am not a runner so I will be starting from w1d1 and working my way up. I was going to start today but the baby had other plans. So here is to tomorrow.
    Happy Running Everyone.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to admin in Nominate your favorite success story   
    We've been reading some awesome success stories in this forum, and we want to know which one has inspired you the most! 
    Reply in this thread with URL link to your favorite success story, and we'll highlight that person for easy access for the rest of the community! 
    If you want to share your story, please do so in the forum (not in this thread)! Keep sending in those stories, we absolutely love reading them!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to KellyAnn in Never Give Up. Never Surrender.   
    Well, Hello there , welcome here. Great writing. I love it. Congrats for wanting to Own your Own life. You can do it. I so love your attitude.
    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to ballanburden in new girl   
    All it takes is putting one foot in front of the other...keep taking those steps and you'll do it! As has been stated, dress in layers for the cold and good luck with your goals!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to Kez in Why are prompts not working??   
    Fixed this problem, i was being savvy with my phone and turning off notifications, background apps ect to save battery on iPhone.... Must hav accidentally turned off notifications! Whoops x
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to Tim Walker in Hip pain   
    Incorrect support from your footwear would be the first place I'd start. I have semi flat feet and require shoes with a neutral instep. If I wear full support shoes I have hip issues.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to LouLou in non-runner prepping for 5k   
    Ice, aspirin and rest for a few days. Make sure you have a good pare of shoes and pace yourself.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to Busymom7 in My new run.   
    Emily and Leta. I finished week 5 day 2. Yay
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to LoneBabyWildebeest in Question   
    Others have done it on a treadmill, but in my DH's experience, he found running outside VERY different (much more difficult) from running on the mill. His first 5k was really tough when he had thought it was going to be easy.
    Regardless, if you're just getting started I'd not worry about how you get started. We're approaching winter months for many, and trying to run outside is at times dangerous what with ice/snow/etc.
    Good luck with your program!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to LoneBabyWildebeest in just started week 1   
    I was going to advise getting a knee support/wrap, but I'm no expert, just thinking about what my DH has done in times past with knee pain.
    I'd take a look here and see if these seem similar to your knee troubles:
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to LoneBabyWildebeest in Shin pain   
    Funny that today I shifted my weight forward a bit while I ran and it "seemed" to ease the discomfort a bit. I thought it might be my imagination, but considered that my form might be wrong. Thanks for posting, I'll have to look into that.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to anewnam in Can't run 20 minutes   
    Ashley a mile is a mile no matter what pace you run it. That saying has helped me so much through this journey. I just completed wk5 day3 and I had so much anxiety over it. I was SLOW but I did it and that's all that matters!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to LoneBabyWildebeest in A pack of cheetahs wait silently...   
    Yeah not a spammer, and probably should be a writer of sorts. I just sat on my rear end after my outing and my brain started goin' like mad. I tend to be the self-deprecating sort, and have found that my own failings are often an amusing source of encouragement, so I thought I'd share. This community is sure to help me keep that one foot in front of the other. Thanks for the kind words.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to LoneBabyWildebeest in So new it's still a twinkle in my eye   
    Gosh, I can't say I feel exactly where you're at, but as a 41 year old who has kids and is somewhat afraid I'll not be healthy enough to keep up with them... for that I'm right there with you. You would never think of sending your son out the door without the things he needs. A coat. His lunch. His science fair project. He needs you, too. Take it slow and/or consult your doctor first if you're unsure about how hard you should attack this goal.
    I've seen more than one person say on this forum that if you stop, get waylaid by injury, etc: Just start over. Keep trying. You can do it. Today I did my second session on the app. Day two for me. I did NOT want to go out this morning. I had a migraine last night and alot on my schedule today, but I kept in focus that my kids need me, and they need me to start something. I'm taking ibuprofen. I'm drinking LOTS of water. I'm hoping my shins will recover by Friday. My body is in a state of shock I think! 
    That said, it's my opinion that the most important thing to take away from this app is routine. Start your five minutes just walking - heck, just strolling, and on the jog portion do a brisk/fast walk instead. Just move. I am so encouraged by others I see out walking/running/biking. They are all shapes and sizes and ages. They inspire me. My kids inspire me (your son will probably cheer you on and may even want to join you in this endeavor)! This forum inspires me. I'm not on MyFitnessPal (yet?) but lots of people love the accountability and support it offers.
    You can do this.
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    sdbeachgirl got a reaction from KellyAnn in help?   
    Do you wear arch supports? If you haven't already, you may consider going to a running shoe store and have your running style/feet/gait/etc evaluated (it's free most places) to see what kind of shoe (and possibly custom inserts) would be best for you. Proper stretching after every run is also important, as mentioned above. Listen to your body. If you experience sharp pain, stop and get it checked out by a dr. If it's simply muscle soreness, stretching and staying properly hydrated are your best allies.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to Jaymalone in Heavy guy trying to run!   
    Thanks everyone. Just finished my day two and it went a lot easier!!! I think I can do this!!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to KellyAnn in Numbness feet   
    So does anything else feel numb on your body?  Arms, legs?  I am not a DR so you should seriously see someone that can help.   I have a bulging disc in my back and mine hands go numb when I sleep.  So it might be a disc or a pinched nerve.   
    Have you had this happen before?    Like I said, I am not  a DR., so get this checked out, it does not sound normal to me.  Keep me posted as I am curious now.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to farmgirl in Discouraged   
    Alex don't give up!  Be sure to rest though, sometimes doing too much is what will make you sick.  And it's ok if you didn't get through all of the runs at first, you will!  Just keep at it and over time your body will grow stronger as your stamina increases.  Not everyone goes at the same pace... don't be afraid to repeat weeks or whatever you have to do, but don't give up
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to ForeverStrong in Discouraged   
    Alex I started and I could barely finish three of the running portions but over time I got better. I even started over just so that I could finish them and run them completely. I never got the feeling of puking but I always got the feeling is my nose was going to start bleeding Keep the Faith girl you can do this
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to 7678sarah in Introducing Myself!   
    Kelly thanks for sharing. Nice to know a little about the name that is constantly leaving encouraging, positive and just lovely comments across the forum.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to KellyAnn in what are your Favorite shoes to workout in?   
    Nice. I am going to check out the Kayanos ones you are all talking about.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to MissBee in what are your Favorite shoes to workout in?   
    A third vote for the asics, especially the kayanos if you have any foot or ankle issues and need extra support. They feel like walking on light pillowy clouds!
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