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    Hmmm. Then it is with MFP then??? Can you manually add your workout in so you don't lose them and they get logged??? I did that myself.
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    Hi everyone!
    I want to keep a log of my runs and experiences so I don't forget the struggles and triumphs. I figure they can help motivate me later on, especially after I finish the program.
    I am a 22 year old female 5"8 and approx 155 lbs last time I checked. I have always hated running, but admired runners and their determination, especially when I see them running in the snow/rain. Over the holiday season I gained about 10-15 lbs and was feeling extremely sluggish and unmotivated. About a week and a half ago something clicked and I decided I would go ahead, get off my butt and do something to make myself feel better. I had tried to train for a 5k about 2 years ago with a friend, but she backed out about 1 week in. This time I decided I would do it alone. No relying on another person to give me the motivation. I can run with friends or alone but either way I'm gonna do it!
    Day 1 was tough. I misunderstood the time on the app so ended up stopping about 12 minutes early, but I honestly felt I couldn't go farther. After the first 2 jogging sessions I really had to pay attention to my breathing and it was cold and windy so my ears, nose, and lungs really hurt. Even though I didn't finish day one I felt good about it. I had finally taken action.
    The day after day one I went on a long walk. It felt good to loosen up sore muscles.
    W1D2 I was actually looking forward to my run! I never thought that would happen. I went into this workout with the mentality that I would finish no matter what. It was SO much easier! I could breathe easily I wasn't daunted by the number of jog sessions like I was before. During every walk break I could get my breathing back down to normal. It was like magic! Also, I normally eat/snack out of boredom and am very lethargic. After my run on day 2 I had much more energy and was ravenously hungry. I feel like most of the challenge is mental. You just need the motivation and determination to get out there regardless of the results.
    I just completed W1D3 and I feel great about myself. It's so uplifting the amount of progress I have made in only 1 week. If I just monitor my breathing and make sure I don't go too fast (which I have a tendency of doing at first) then I can complete the whole workout with relative ease. I did have a bit of trouble with my shins today. During the second or third running session the outside front of my shins started to burn almost like a cramp. I had to stop walking once to stretch them because they were burning so bad. I am running in a hilly area on Tarmac with Nike Shox. I also think I heel strike a bit so that might have something to do with it. Does anyone have experience with this? It seems like my symptoms are similar to compartment syndrome but the pain goes away very quickly after I stop running/walking. I think it's mostly heel striking from my shoes and the Tarmac. I'm coming to the realization that I will have to get my gait analyzed and get more appropriate shoes if I want to continue on injury free.
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