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    Floridagirlover50 got a reaction from PureOfHeart0421 in Tomorrow who is starting day 1 with me 3/14/21   
    Thank you! Just started Week 2 Day 1.
    I’m breathing much better and running much stronger. I am grateful I can play my music with another app and they both work together. I got a phone call though and it knocked out the c25k and I had to reboot. Also sometimes it shows me the calories burned and distance ran but not all the time.
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    Floridagirlover50 reacted to I❤️Labradors in Tomorrow who is starting day 1 with me 3/14/21   
    Hi, how are you doing with the program now that it’s been a few days? I usually run every other day to give my muscles and ligaments a chance to recover. This helps ease me back into running so that I’m never really sore. Also, running ridiculously slow in the beginning helps me get through the challenging days. Speed will come as you build up your strength and endurance- nothing wrong with taking things slow until that happens. Good luck! 
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    Floridagirlover50 reacted to TMFMS in Let’s Go!   
    Hello from Montana. Over the past few years I’ve really fallen out of shape. It ends today! I’ve committed myself to the C25K and 5/3/1 programs. I’ll also be taking the MTN OPS Conquer Weight Loss Supplement System. 
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    Floridagirlover50 reacted to DiscoCoyote in First day!   
    Hi I'm Ollie! Today's my first day on the app! :) I'm excited for this new adventure!
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    Floridagirlover50 reacted to Drum Dave in What comes before Couch?   
    So I thought an update was due. I fought through the demotivation and ran anyway. I took all the advice and repeated Day 1 over and over, allowing myself to walk during most of the day's 8 runs. 
    And when I did walk through a one-minute jog, I chose to see it not as a failure but as part of the process. Each jog was a success, whether or not I could do many of them. 
    My first Day 1: Barely survived 3 of 8 runs. 
    Nearly three weeks later: For the first time I actually jogged for all 8 one-minute runs of the Day 1 session. It was messy. I was out of breath. But I did it. 
    Happy running to all y'all. 
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    Floridagirlover50 reacted to HankP in Second try   
    Hello I am Hank, back for second try. Last time I gave up on myself, but I have been doing a slow and steady exercising plan of my own making and I am lot stronger, so I really expecting better of myself this time around.
    Monday is day one.
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