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    Elinainen got a reaction from Smitty.Nik in Liking a post   
    Hey! Here's a stupid question: how do I like a post here?
    Btw, I survived day 1 - yey! 
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    Elinainen reacted to Ninjajedi in Week 3 Day 1   
    I was really intimidated by the 3 minutes run, but I made it and it fills me with confidence. Happy running folks!
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    Elinainen reacted to Drum Dave in What comes before Couch?   
    So I thought an update was due. I fought through the demotivation and ran anyway. I took all the advice and repeated Day 1 over and over, allowing myself to walk during most of the day's 8 runs. 
    And when I did walk through a one-minute jog, I chose to see it not as a failure but as part of the process. Each jog was a success, whether or not I could do many of them. 
    My first Day 1: Barely survived 3 of 8 runs. 
    Nearly three weeks later: For the first time I actually jogged for all 8 one-minute runs of the Day 1 session. It was messy. I was out of breath. But I did it. 
    Happy running to all y'all. 
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    Elinainen reacted to LittleDoctor in What comes before Couch?   
    So happy to hear about your progress, Drum Dave! I just downloaded this app and did my first Day today. I definitely had trouble with it, and had to skip one of the runs because I was so out of breath, but it’s so great to see what persistence allowed you to do! Really motivates me to keep at this. 
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