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  1. If you’re a restaurant owner managing your restaurant’s inventory by hand, you know how time-consuming and painless it is. We’re here to talk about custom restaurant inventory management software, what features to include, and when it’s better to go with off-the-shelf restaurant management apps. But first let’s answer the question: Why are spreadsheets bad for inventory management and why probably need to build your own restaurant management software?
  2. Are you interested to know how remote care can address problems of access, quality, and cost in delivering healthcare services. Here is an overview of the telemedicine market and share the ins and outs of doctor on demand app development.
  3. People have always been worried about their safety. Because of that, they do their best to protect themselves from any harm. That’s how so many health insurance companies appeared on the global market. Medical and health insurance companies, to increase their business profit, need to create robust, secured, intuitive, and user-friendly health insurance apps, to attract maximum clients, and do a profitable business.
  4. Video chat is not only preferable for communication but also finds successful use in business processes. Bring this text into focus from the right angle and continue reading the article to learn how to make a video chat app.
  5. Medicine delivery mobile apps have made the life of humans easy and flexible. They can now avoid wasting hours going to the pharmacy for buying medicines. Just with few taps on the mobile, they can easily get medicines at their doorstep. Read the article until the end to know more about medicine delivery app development: features, requirements, and cost of its creation.
  6. For calorie burning I use My Fitness by Jillian Michaels and was using Lose it! for counting and meal planning. Btw, here is an article about best diet and nutrition apps - maybe U will some useful apps
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