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  1. I would, running the full 2 miles is less important as I'm sure that once you can jog for 20 consecutive minutes, you can slowly increase your speed over the coming weeks to allow you to hit that, but if you had to walk a bit I would repeat until you are able to hit the 20 minutes. 


    Endurance over speed you know?

  2. So, I have a couple of questions I was hoping you guys could help with, as you're further on than I am. 

    Just hit week 3 day 3, (off the top of my head, its the 90 run, 90 walk, 3 minute run, 3 minute walk week), and I've been pushing myself to hit 2 miles each session, so far pretty damn successfully, is that something you guys did too? 

    Also I've been monitoring my heart rate through this, did anyone else? Notice mine is always in the maximum/anaerobic range, so not sure if I'm pushing myself too hard (I've always done the sessions without too much difficulty, although sweaty af after haha) or if thats just what the body does while being pushed further and if I go back to lile, week 1, I wouldn't hit that high a rate. 

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