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  1. On 5/19/2020 at 6:56 PM, Pacrossen said:

    I just finished w5d3 and didn’t quite make it. Wondering if people repeat it until they make it or move on to the next day?  What is better to do?

    If you’re using the Apple Watch app (as I do) you’re forced to keep going because you can’t go back. The phone app would allow you. From a personal perspective it depends on what is more important to you: the steps along the way or the destination. If you feel you can move on do so or if you feel not quite ready repeat. It is your journey. No right or wrong.

  2. So I just hit 5K and planned to keep running 5k every few days till I decide if I want to go further. But this week I hurt my ankle so I’m going to rest it, but I wondered if should start at 20 mins of running and slowly move back to 30 minutes? I’ve had a lot of issues trying to hit 30 minutes sustained again. 

  3. Good job! I just reached 5K and it’s been hard trying to finish 5K again. For various reasons I’ve not been able to reach 5K again the last two times I tried. Most recently I gave up 5 minutes short, which is not something I’ve done since starting long runs. Never gave up before. Very disappointing. 

  4. So I recently finished the program and got to 5k, but yesterday I wasn’t able to finish again due to weather and today I had 5 minutes left and just couldn’t keep running. It was the first time since I began just running that I stopped early. Has anybody else experienced that? It’s bumming me out. My plan was to keep running 5k every few days for awhile and maybe slowly creep towards 10k. I feel like I need to at least finish 5k each time. 

  5. On 12/30/2019 at 6:50 AM, StacyS said:

    My Apple Watch workout app overrides my c210k app...when I lift my arm while struggling through a tough segment, I see the apple workout stats instead of hoe much time is left in the segment. Is there a way to lock the c210k screen on the watch despite workout also running?

    Second to that...can anyone confirm that if both are running, I don’t have a duplicate cal burn logged on my activity app?


    I just started but what works for me is this: I start my music and use the C25K app but not the workout app. Works fine. When done I sync the watch to the phone and my watch is rewarding me just as with the workout app. 

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