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  1. Hi All, my name is Jen and I am new on this forum. Thought I would like to share my story and progress so far. 
    So I am an MS sufferer now of 5 years and during this time I have had my ups and downs with my health and personal life too which has led to severe anxiety and depression. I have now decided along with medication that I would take to running again to help improve this. 
    I used to run many years ago however did not keep this up, I am now returning to this passion and now significantly heavier in weight. I have been training following the app for 4 weeks now but during my last run I suffered from very bad lower back pain which has now led me to have to have a break until this feels better. Could anyone offer any advice to help this and avoid this in the future. 
    I don’t want to stop my training as I am hoping to run the GRN in September. Please advise.Thanks

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