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  1. Hi all, 

    I am Anne and i suffer from depression. My therapist recommend running to ease my depression, so here i am making an attempt to run. 

    I am so out of shape and i am overweight because of my depression. I had hard time to finish my run 1 week 1. But i finished it, in fact today i just complete my day 2 of week 1.

    I dont know if running can ease my suicidal thoughts, but im willing to try. At least now i can be proud of my self that i get out of my bed, going out of my house, and complete my exercise. 2 days in a row! 

    I know it's a long way to 5km run. But i hope i can do it. It's nice to feel proud of myself once in a while instead of beating myself up because I couldn't get out of bed. 



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