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    Sharon NM reacted to Gumpster in Running outside-painful-any advice?   
    Hi there,
    As someone with chronic leg and foot pain who can get shin splints from time to time, I highly recommend looking into getting proper insoles for your shoes. Treadmills have a bit of give whereas hard pavement does not, so it's a matter of getting your muscles adjusted. Power through and your legs will build up a tolerance to the shock level eventually. 
    You may want to try running on a soft dirt path every now and then to give your legs a break.
    I use a fit bit to track myself! Great investment. 
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    Sharon NM reacted to Craften in Shin splints-how do I prevent them? HELP   
    What helped for me, apart from the tips you got, was to just slow down. Shorter steps and slowing down stopped the shin splints for me. I'll get faster later, and that's fine. At least now I can finish my run.
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    Sharon NM reacted to Nitae in New and need some willpower!   
    You can do this! I am 44 and have NEVER been a runner. I got off the couch in July and started this program. The first day I made it through the first half of the run/walk and wasn't sure I could finish I was so tired. I did finish! And kept at it. This past Saturday I ran my first 5K! You can, too!
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    I was like you and was gasping for air and it was hard work right from day 1. I kept at it and just ran my first 5K on Saturday!
    I did the app 3x week and and did better giving my body at least one day of rest in between runs. And later on I think I repeated week 6 and 7. I'm 44. 
    Good luck! You can do this!
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    Sharon NM reacted to admin in Shin Splints - How to Avoid Them. How to Deal With Them.   
    The dreaded shin splints. We've all had them. Which running technique/stretches has helped you the most to overcome this painful condition?
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    I started as a new runner. Zero running experience.   57 yrs old.  Post 250 lb weightloss.   I could barely make it through the first week.... Until I read to slow down my running to a conversation level (can say a sentence or two without gasping for air)  I am now on week 6, day 2.    From now on, it is straight running, no intervals. 
         My son and I feel much better about ourselves. We are  Proud of our accomplishments.  My body shape is improving. 
       If we can do it... You can! 
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