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    I’m a 52 years old aging athlete and have never picked up running.  I had a new friend ask me recently, “Do you run?” and my answer was “Only when something is chasing me”, which is only partially true because I do chase that fuzzy ball around the tennis court on a pretty regular basis. 
    Unfortunately I think I may have over did it and either stained a muscle in my forearm or have tendonitis, either way most of things I love to do are off limits indefinitely.  I need to be active, I’m in a much better place emotionally when I can do something athletic; however I’m limited right now so I picked up running.  I have no intention of running a 5K, but by the time I get to the end of this program I may feel different.  In the meantime I will be absorbing as much as I can about technique and breathing....you name it.  I have a ton to learn and time to do it so I hope you all can help.  
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