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    CleBkPkr got a reaction from Jacquie in Finished c25k 3 weeks ago.   
    That is great! I’m really new to all this and don’t consider myself a “runner” yet, but I am getting there!
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Ninjajedi in Training for April 5k   
    Ladies, I do apologize for not checking in. I regret to say my program is changing. I have been lurking the forums but not talking because I  am embarrassed to say I am not training for a 5k at this time. I really hate starting something and not finishing but life is in the way. I will still be exercising but not this program. Happy running!
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    CleBkPkr reacted to GinaH in Starting back   
    Hello all - I am returning to running after a few years being off because of foot injuries. Looking to take things very slowly to avoid getting injured again.
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Crabapple in Hello, all!   
    I think standing is more fatiguing to the body than walking around. It's no wonder you're so tired at the end of your day.
    CleBkPkr's advice to run before work seems like it's probably a good idea.
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Crabapple in Training for April 5k   
    I have decided that, after my 5K on the 27th, I will probably not come to these forums, except once in a great while if I do come at all. They have been very helpful, and I do still intend to "run" a 10K in October but I will not be using the app after my 5K run, even though it has many weeks to go. I think I'll be like your relative, CleBkPkr, and take at least a year before I'm an actual runner. And like him, I intend to keep going until I can actually run and do it well - even if it takes me two or three years.
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    CleBkPkr got a reaction from Crabapple in Training for April 5k   
    I don’t start it now until I’ve been walking 5 minutes. It has helped a lot. I really believe I need that little extra to warm up!
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    CleBkPkr got a reaction from Crabapple in 5K July 13   
    I bought a new t shirt to wear for my next 5k 

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    CleBkPkr got a reaction from Crabapple in Hello, all!   
    Good for you! A lot of times come the end of the day I am whooped. I do my runs in the morning, after coffee of course lol Hang in there, you can do this!
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    CleBkPkr got a reaction from Crabapple in New to running!!!   
    That’s exactly it to Silver. Tim, my cousin’s son who is my inspiration told me it took him a year to be able to run and now? That kid is incredible. Lost 100 pounds and man can he run! There was a weekend run with 2 groupings. A 5 mile and a 2 mile. He registered for both lol He was running with a race bib pinned to each of his thighs 
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    CleBkPkr reacted to hgirl89 in Hello, all!   
    Hello, everyone!
    I'm a 29-year-old mom of 3 living in Colorado. I'm trying to get back in shape! I worked at a hospital, moving patients for over two years. I was walking 8-12 miles a day, moving patients! I got into really great shape. I left that job almost two years ago after moving an hour away and commuting for a year. I'm lucky if I walk 2 miles in a day now. I stand all day at my current job, so I feel exhausted by the end of the day, but without getting many steps in. I really want to get back in shape! My weight hasn't changed, but I'm a lot less muscular now.
    I just finished day 3 and I'm having a tough time staying motivated, but I'm looking forward to continuing this journey!
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Crabapple in 2019 - Be better.   
    Awesome goals. You got this!
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Ericd in New here!!   
    Thank you both for the input. That will help alot.
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    CleBkPkr reacted to PaulaClara in New to running!!!   
    You guys are great thanks for the encouragement. 
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Crabapple in New to running!!!   
    You are very inspiring. I think you can do this.
    I have been on week 4 for 4 weeks at least, so I am impressed with anyone who can do week 5.
    And I want you to know that, from my experience and experiences of the people posting here, it is absolutely no shame to repeat weeks over and over and over and over again. I think one's own personal health and stamina are a lot more important than a running program created by some random person who wanted to help couch potatoes run.
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Crabapple in Training for April 5k   
    This week, I ran Monday, Tuesday, and today. I ran Tuesday instead of Wednesday, because Wednesday was supposed to be really windy. And it was. Since I also run on Saturdays, I'm going to start week 4 again tomorrow. Next week, I will only be running on Monday and Wednesday, because I'm going out of town that weekend.
    My plan is, on April 22nd, to start week 5. That actually kind of makes me laugh, because the 5K is on the 27th and there's no way in h#ll that I would have been able to finish the c25k program in the amount of weeks it says we have. I mean I'm not even halfway through it and I have been running a lot longer than the weeks it gives us to train.
    CleBkPkr, I'm glad I'm not alone in the fact that I run a lot better after 20 or 30 minutes. I really think that a half kilometer or 10 minute warm up is the thing to do to run longer each time we run. My pride wants me to run as soon as the lady on the app says to run, so what I did today, was not press start on the c25k app until I had walked for about one minute. I will probably wait longer next time.
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Crabapple in Training for April 5k   
    Okay, right after I read your messages, I decided to reinstall Cronometer to my phone, and log the coffee and creamer I had today. It's always a pain in the butt to me to record everything I eat, but I think you have a good point that I should be paying attention to how much protein I'm eating. It's possible I haven't been having enough.
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    CleBkPkr reacted to AngelaCobb in Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!   
    I just completed Week 5, Day 2, so now I am also trying to prepare myself for the dreaded Day 3...DUN DUN DUN!!! 
    It’s been really encouraging to see everyones’ tips, strategies, and experiences though.
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    CleBkPkr reacted to PaulaClara in Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!   
    I just finished week 5 Day 2 and seeing what’s coming up is freaking me out. I’ll do what I can and start over if I have to. 
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Crabapple in Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!   
    Good for you, PaulaClara. (thumbs_up)
    I'm planning to leave my four-week loop on April twenty-second. Up until now that third day of week 5, while not exactly terrifying, was definitely scary. At this point though, since my breakthrough this week, it isn't as scary, though I'm not so sure I would be able to run for a full 20 minutes. But my mindset is such that I'll give it my best shot and maybe I can do it.
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    CleBkPkr reacted to PaulaClara in Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!   
    I’m going to give it my best!
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    CleBkPkr reacted to Megblue in Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!   
    I wondered if this was an error and it’s never gotten corrected so now we think it’s supposed to be like that?(g)
    I ran into issues after W5 D1 and had to drop back to week 2 and start back. Today I am back to Week 5 day 1. I’ll be doing the 20 min run this weekend. I’ll get thru it but it may take a couple of tries!
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    CleBkPkr got a reaction from Crabapple in 5K July 13   
    After my 5k on St. Patrick's Day I decided to sign up for another one. I'm working on being able to actually run the entire 5K on Thanksgiving this year. I have a couple months to go until the next one and am hoping I can make some improvements. Signing up for another race hopefully will help keep my motivation moving forward!
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    CleBkPkr got a reaction from Crabapple in Training for April 5k   
    I have thought about this and realized I should have been a little bit more specific. About the "what" you are eating lol One thing I do know, since you are doing so much running/exercising and working your muscles, you might want to pay attention to the protein portion of your diet. I don't get overly involved in the macros though. My buddy Tim said not to venture too far down that rabbit hole. Calories in vs calories out is the game changer. BUT protein is essential. That is the one macro I pay attention to regularly. In the morning, every morning in fact I make a smoothie. The rare exception is when I meet up with friends for brunch on the occasional weekend. Otherwise it's 1C of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, one frozen banana, 1T flax seed and 1 scoop of Garden of Life vanilla protein & greens. I put it in a NutriBullet and blend it all up nice and smooth. That's my breakfast. It keeps me from garbaging, and I don't get hungry for a couple hours. It's great when Target has bananas for 10 cents a piece lol I buy them out. It doesn't take long for me to peel, cut and ziploc bag them for the freezer. Anyways.... now that I've gone on and on and on my point was, once you have a week or so of tracking, look at your protein and see where it is at. It may just help?
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    CleBkPkr got a reaction from Crabapple in Training for April 5k   
    I have found the same thing to be true! Once I have been going for a while, and I mean a mile or so I start to feel way better. Like I could keep going and going. I am going to increase my warm up time and see how that works. I am guessing it will help.
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    CleBkPkr got a reaction from PaulaClara in New to running!!!   
    Well done Paula! My sister had the lower lobe removed. Good on you and keep moving forward!!!
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